Grilled sausage


60 min


  Sausage - 2 pounds
  To serve:
  tomatoes - 0,75 pounds
  cucumbers - 0,75 pounds
  potatoes - 0,5 pounds
  boiled corn on the cob - 1 pound


  First make the grill so that there are enough hot coals but no open fire. Then cook the sausages immediately, making sure they do not burn but are cooked through. Adjust the amount of coals accordingly.
  Cut boiled corn on the cob into pieces approx. 2-3 inches long and cook in the same way.
  If you have a lot of hot coals, you can use them to cook potatoes. In this case use small potatoes, wrap each in cooking foil, and bury them int he coals. If there are not enough coals, boil potatoes.
  Cut tomatoes and cucumbers into bite-size pieces, add other vegetables if desired.
  Serve sausages, corn on the cob, potatoes and vegetables immediately with ketchup and mustard.