Menu Viewer: User's Guide


Menu Viewer is an application for mobile phones and tablets which allows you to synchronize and view your recipes, menus and shopping lists. The application requires the login (the full version of EasyMenu).

Menu Viewer application does not require an Internet connection except for data synchronization.

One of the most useful features of the Menu Viewer is the shopping list synchronization. You can open the shopping list on a mobile device when shopping and mark the already bought items. This does not require an Internet connection.

See here how to add menus to the Menu Viewer.

See here how to modify or delete menus.

You can also test the application for mistakes or for compatibility with your device. See here how to deploy the automatic tests.

Menu Viewer's main features

You can try the Menu Viewer by using the test account. To do so please log in using the following login information:

Password: any, for example "test"

Then click "login". You will see the demo recipes, menus and a shopping lists.

In order to fully use all features of the Menu Viewer you are required to register. Then your personal account as well and your username and password will be created. You can register on the EasyMenu website (

After your have registered, you can log in to the Menu Viewer. Do so by clicking the "login" button and entering your e-mail and password. Then the application will ask to synchronize the data.

If you have already registered, additional registration is not required. Log in directly to the Menu Viewer and proceed to the data synchronization.


After the synchronization all your recipes will be available under “Recipes” tab. Click the “recipes” button to view them. The recipes tab show the recipe name, ingredients, and calories. In order to view the recipe click on it.


In order to view your menus click on the "Menu" button. You will see a list of menus, each of which can be opened by clicking on it. Then the application opens the menu as well as a link to the shopping list connected with the menu. You can also view each recipe of the menu by clicking on it.

Shopping list

In order to view your shopping list, choose the menu as described above and click on the "shopping list" button. A window with the shopping list will open.

How to add menus to the Menu Viewer?

One of the most useful features of the Menu Viewer is a shopping list which can be opened anywhere and where you can mark already bought items. In order to use it to the full potential, do the following. First, log in to the EasyMenu application using your e-mail and password (requires registration). Then create a menu. The application will automatically generate a shopping list, which you can edit if needed. Then click the "Share" button.

As this is done, log in to the Menu Viewer on your mobile device using the same account information. Synchronize the data by answering "yes" to application's request to synchronize. Click on "menu" button and your new menu will appear first on the list. Click on it to view the menu, and then on the "shopping list" button to view the shopping list. Note that you can now open the menu and shopping list at any time, and it does not require an Internet connection.

How to edit your menus?

You can edit, delete or rename the menus using the EasyMenu website. Log in to the website and open "My Menus" page in navigation bar or go directly to The link to your menus can also be found on your user profile.

In a list of menus you can rename any menu, delete it, add to favourites, or add a new menu (it requires a menu ID, which can be found in your browser’s address field as a "menuid" parameter). All your menus shared using EasyMenu application (see how to do it here) appears as the first item in the list.


You can change the settings of the Menu Viewer application by clicking on the "settings" icon in the upper right-hand corner. You can change the language of the application (Russian and English), unit measurements (metric and American), whether to show calories or not, and synchronization settings. Here you can also clear temporary data or run tests to check application's compatibility with your device. Note that you will have to synchronize your data again after clearing your temporary data.


You can test the application for mistakes and compatibility with your device. To run the tests, open the Settings window as described above, then select "Testing" - "Run tests". The application deploys the tests, which can take up to a few minutes.

After the testing is finished, a page with the test results will be opened. If there were any problems, they will be shown here. You can submit the test results to the developers by clicking "Submit test results".