New update of EasyMenu 1.5 is available

Dmytro   2013-12-19

Now the new version of EasyMenu 1.5 is available for downloading. The next time you start the application, you will be asked to download the update. If you agree to it, the update will download and install automatically.

Note For some users the automatic update may not work due to a bug in the old EasyMenu version. If the window asking for the update reappears, you have to update the application manually. To do so please download the file EasyMenu.jar and copy it to the same folder where EasyMenu application is installed. Delete the old file or overwrite it.

The new features:

  1. The users of the full version now can store their shared menus online. They appear in the “My menus” tab visible after login. The links appear automatically as the menus are shared. You can store as many menus as you want, edit or delete them.
  2. All shared menus can be downloaded for the website at any time.
  3. The ingredient tags cloud in the cookbook window shows all your ingredients, not only 100, as previously.
  4. The search for the recipes is possible also according to their ingredients, not only names, as previously.
  5. For the users from the US there is a possibility to use either metric or English measurement system.
  6. Images can be added to the recipe description. It allows to create an illustrated step-by-step recipe.
  7. Functions “cut,””copy”, “paste”, “undo” and “redo” are now available when editing the recipe description. It is also now possible to insert links or pictures.
  8. Minor bugs are fixed.


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