EasyMenu Meal Planner 3

EasyMenu is an application which stores your recipes, plans menus for any number of days or weeks, as well as generates shopping lists. The menu planner allows to plan your menu manually, or generate a random balanced menu, or anything in between!

This saves a lot of time, money and effort. It is also environmentally friendly, because it reduces the amount of food thrown away.

Main features of EasyMenu 3

  • Cookbook with advanced search by name, ingredients or tags
  • Menu planner is available on both computers and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or Android)
  • New recipes are easy to add and edit
  • Add your own ingredients
  • Add new or edit existing menus
  • Menu can be generated randomly or edited manually
  • Menu for any number of days or weeks
  • Ready menu and recipe description can be printed
  • Shopping list for the ready menu is automatically generated
  • You can set the units of measurements for groceries - e.g. grams, oz, pieces or packs as desired
  • Detailed summary page for each menu
  • Offline access to recipes, menus and shopping lists

EasyMenu 3 is free, but if you want to add your own recipes you will need to purchase a subscription. The subscription price can be viewed in the user profile "My subscription". The price of a full subscription is € 13,99 euros for 6 months or € 49,99 euros without expiration date (lifetime subscription). New version will be free for six months for already registered users of EasyMenu 2.0. Your recipes and menus will also be available later, but you can add new ones only after subscription.

How to access EasyMenu 3?

EasyMenu is available at To get free access, you just need to register (Sign Up link) in the login window.
Sign up

How to install the application on a mobile phone / tablet?

EasyMenu can be downloaded from here:


Android app on Google Play

iPhone and iPad

Download on the App Store

How to install the application on a mobile phone / tablet from browser?

  • Open the link in Safari browser
  • Log in
  • Click on the "Share" button
  • Install
  • Click on "Add to Home Screen"
  • Install
  • Click on "Add"

  • Open the link in Chrome browser
  • Log in
  • The browser will offer to add a link to the home screen
  • If the browser did not offer to add a link to the home screen, then you have to select in the browser options "Add to Home screen"

Any suggestions or comments can be sent by email or alternatively you can fill out the support form on Support page.

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