Menu Viewer for EasyMenu

Menu Viewer is an application that allows you to synchronize your recipes, menus and shopping lists and view them on your mobile device at any time. In order to use all features of the application you need buy the EasyMenu application and use the same login information to log in to Menu Viewer.

One of the most useful features of the Menu Viewer is the shopping list synchronization. You can open the shopping list on a mobile device when shopping and mark the already bought items. This a very fast and easy, and therefore a big improvement in user experience.

  • Your recipes with detailed description and Nutrition Facts can be viewed on your mobile device.
  • Your recipes, menus and shopping lists created with EasyMenu application can be synchronized and viewed at any time.
  • Shopping list with metric and American unit measurements.
  • Shopping list can be edited at any time.
  • The application does not require an Internet connection except for data synchronization.
  • Browsing demo recipes, menus and shopping lists without registration.
  • Testing the application using the test account and automatic tests.
  • The application is available in English and Russian languages.

Menu Viewer can be downloaded from here:


Android app on Google Play

iPhone and iPad

Download on the App Store

Windows / Windows Phone

Download on the Windows Phone Store

Web version

Web vesrion of Menu Viewer