4 Strategies to make meal planning effortless

Roman   2023-11-22

Do you ever feel like meal planning is chaotic? You’re not alone, everyone was there. Even the people who have planned for decades were once at this point too.
But there's light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not just chaos. By implementing the four strategies I’ll reveal here, you can turn meal planning from a dreaded chore into a stress-free experience.


Online shopping with EasyMenu

Dmytro   2022-01-16

Users of the full version can now order groceries from many online grocery stores directly from EasyMenu.


New version of EasyMenu 3

Dmytro   2020-09-20

EasyMenuDear users! The new version of EasyMenu 3, now also for desktop and mobile phones, is available for download.

EasyMenu 3 is a full-featured menu planner with the ability to add your own recipes and your ingredients. The new version can be used on a desktop through an Internet browser, or as an application on a mobile phone.

EasyMenu is available at

EasyMenu 3.0 beta

Dmytro   2019-10-04

EasyMenu betaDear users! The new version of EasyMenu 3.0, now also for a mobile phone, is available for download.

Web Site Update!

Dmytro   2017-10-29

Dear users! We are proud to present the new version of our web site. The new site is faster and easier to use. It is also optimised for use on mobile phones and tablets.