New version of EasyMenu 3

Dmytro   2020-09-20

EasyMenuDear users! The new version of EasyMenu 3, now also for desktop and mobile phones, is available for download.

EasyMenu 3 is a full-featured menu planner with the ability to add your own recipes and your ingredients. The new version can be used on a desktop through an Internet browser, or as an application on a mobile phone.

EasyMenu is available at

To get free access, you just need to register (Sign Up link) in the login window.

EasyMenu 3 is free, but if you want to add your own recipes you will need to purchase a subscription. The subscription price can be viewed in the user profile "My subscription". The price of a full subscription is € 14 euros for 6 months. For already registered users, EasyMenu 2.0 will be free for six months (please send a request to Your recipes and menus will be available after that, but you can add new ones only after subscription.

More detailed information on the beta version of EasyMenu 3 can be found here.