EasyMenu 1.5: Frequently Asked Questions

How to download the EasyMenu application?

You can download the EasyMenu installation package from the website download page. There are different packages available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Why some other program is opened instead of EasyMenu?

It is possible that some other program is opened after installing and starting up EasyMenu 1.5 (e.g. Nokia OviSuite). This happens if your Windows associate wrongly files with “jar” extension. To fix that, run jarfix.exe file that can be downloaded from this site or directly from this link.

Is the application really free?

Starting from version 1.5 you can continue using the free version, which remains completely free. All main functions of the application are available there. Alternatively you can buy the full version which contains many more useful functions.

How to activate full version?

Please note that the full version of EasyMenu 1.5 is available only after the payment. You will get your user account information in connection with the payment. After this is done, please proceed as following:

  • Start EasyMenu 1.5 application
  • Click on "Sign in" right top corner
  • Enter your username (email address) and password in the "Sign in" window
  • Click on "Login & activate"
In some cases the application fails to activate properly (e.g. the calorie count does not install). This happens if the application is being installed into a protected not writable folder, such as C:\Program Files (x86). Then the licence file can not be saved on disc. If this is the case, please reinstall the application into a different directory, e.g. C:\Users\\EasyMenu and proceed with the activation again. If this does not work, please contact our support and we will send you your individual license file.

Does the application require Internet access?

If you are using the free version, it will not require Internet access after you have successfully downloaded and installed the application.

In order to activate the full version of the EasyMenu you will need to log in after payment, which required Internet access. After that the licence file will be downloaded and installed, and you can use the application without Intent connection.

Please note however, that some functions such as searching for pictures through Google or sharing your menu are possible only when there is an Internet connection.

How to move your cookbook from EasyMenu 1.4 to EasyMenu 1.5?

To move your cookbook with all your recipes from EasyMenu 1.4 to EasyMenu 1.5 please follow these steps:

  • Start EasyMenu 1.4 application
  • Select File⇒Save As...⇒Save Cookbook As...
  • Save you cookbook as a ".db" file
  • Start EasyMenu 1.5 application
  • If you are logged in:
    1. Delete all recipes: Select all recipes and click on "Delete" button
    2. Open your recipes from saved cookbook: Select File⇒Open⇒Open Recipe(s)
    3. Select your cookbook file in the ".db" format and click Open
  • If you are not logged in:
    1. Open your cookbook from saved file: Select File⇒Open⇒Open Cookbook
    2. Select your cookbook file in the ".db" format and click Open

I have added a recipe, but its ingredients do not show in the shopping list.

The ingredients tab of all recipes must be filled in. Only then the shopping list will show correctly. It can be done by editing the recipe.

Can I add over 30 recipes?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of recipes added to the application. The default cookbook shows 30 recipes, but they can be edited or deleted, and your own added.

Where can I download the recipes and how do I add them to my cookbook?

The recipes can be downloaded from recipes page. There you can browse the recipes and download them. After you download the recipe as a .db file, please start EasyMenu application, and choose File-Open-Open Recipe(s). The recipe will be added to your cookbook.

Can the shopping list be edited?

Yes. Everything in the shopping list is editable - name, category, amount, also new items can be added and the unneeded ones deleted. To do so, point the mouse on the item, click the blue arrow that appears next to it, then choose whether to edit or delete the item. If you want to delete several items, select them and click the red “x” button below. In order to add a new item, click the “+” button below.

You can also change the amounts by changing the amount of portions. The application will recalculate the amounts automatically.

Can I add several recipes for one meal?

Only the full version allows to add several recipes for a meal.

If you use the free version, you can add only one recipe per meal. If you wish to add more recipes in order to correctly generate the shopping list, please use the empty slots, or edit the shopping list manually.

Does the application work on iPhone or iPad?

No. The application requires Windows, MacOS or Linux. You can however view the the shared menus and shopping lists using any browser, also on iPhone or iPad.

Can I add my own ingredients?

No. You can, though, choose from the database containing nearly 8000 ingredients.