Weekly menu 2500 kcal

Dmytro   2014-10-14

Here you will find weekly menu created using the EasyMenu application. It also contains a summary of calorie intake and nutritional content of each meal as well as a shopping list.

It is hard to cook every day for a family, especially if one wants balanced, tasty and not overly expensive meals. One has to think of what to cook, then remember to buy all required ingredients, at the same time making sure that the food does not end up unused and thrown out. To achieve all these points planning is of immeasurable help. In our family we use EasyMenu application to plan our meals and help with the shopping for food. Creating a menu for a week and using a shopping list markedly saves effort, time and money.

Below you will find weekly menu created following these principles:

  • Breakfast is the lightest meal and it is fast to cook.
  • Lunch contains the most calories.
  • Dinner contains the lower-calorie meal.
  • There is a vegetable meal at least once a day.
  • At least one day all meals are vegetable.
  • There is a meal based on fish or meat at least once a day.
  • The menu is balanced in a way that each day there are meals containing proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates.
  • The average calorie count and nutritional content of each meal should follow the requirements (see below).
  • The average daily calorie intake for an adult aims to be 2500 calories.
  • In order to make the meals more varied, the main ingredients do not repeat during the day. We also strive to vary to colors and textures to make the meals more interesting and enjoyable.

The average calorie intake and nutritional content, recommended for an adult for daily consumption for 2500 calories diet should be:

  • proteins - 58 - 117 g daily
  • fats (total) - less than 80 g daily
  • of those, saturated fats - less than 25 g daily
  • carbohydrates - 257 - 586 g daily
  • cholesterol - less than 300 mg daily
  • dietary fiber - at least 25 g daily

Note The amounts also depend on the age and how active one is, and should therefore be taken into account as guidelines only!

Below is the menu which has been created using the principles above using the EasyMenu application.


This menu can be opened directly here.

Note The amounts are calculated from the assumption that 1 person eats 2 servings of a meal and average serving size calculated from the all recipes from this menu is 261 g.

The portion size varies depending on the amount of liquids, proteins, carbohydrates and other ingredients. When using the EasyMenu application one can manually set the portion size for each recipe. Below are the portion sizes for each recipe in the menu, calorie count per 100 g and serving.

RecipeServing SizeCalories per 100gCalories per serving
Beef and Bean Burritos234 g203 kcal474 kcal
Cauliflower cheese & spinach pasta bakes645 g99 kcal636 kcal
Creamy rice with oranges218 g108 kcal236 kcal
Fluffy French Toast191 g219 kcal419 kcal
Fluffy Pancakes200 g218 kcal437 kcal
Fried potatoes290 g120 kcal348 kcal
Hungarian vegetable stew402 g56 kcal227 kcal
Irish lamb stew285 g57 kcal162 kcal
Minestrone277 g74 kcal206 kcal
Onion pie283 g244 kcal688 kcal
Perfect porridge259 g88 kcal228 kcal
Plov238 g239 kcal570 kcal
Radishes and Asparagus Salad90 g53 kcal48 kcal
Rice with wok230 g149 kcal342 kcal
Roasted carrots with chestnuts and raisins156 g99 kcal155 kcal
Salmon Pasta Salad351 g220 kcal774 kcal
Spaghetti bolognese240 g233 kcal558 kcal
Spaghetti marinara231 g188 kcal435 kcal
Spaghetti with shrimps and asparagus235 g199 kcal469 kcal
Sweet-and-sour potato salad158 g133 kcal209 kcal
Tuna and Olive Salad270 g202 kcal545 kcal

Another useful feature of EasyMenu application is the shopping list. The application creates a shopping list automatically. One can edit it if needed, then open it in a smartphone using MenuViewer mobile application and use it during shopping, marking the ingredients one has already bought.

Below the shopping list for the menu above. The amount of food has been calculated for a family of 2 (4 servings per every meal). If you change the number of portions, the application automatically recalculates the required amounts.

This shopping list can be opened here:

Shopping list

The graph below shows the average calorie intake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day of the week.

Note Such graph is available only for the registered EasyMenu users.


The nutrition information for this menu is presented below. It shows average nutritions consumptions for 1 person (2 servings) per day.

Serves: 2

Energy2332 kcal
Energy9763 kJ
Protein93 g
Total lipid (fat)81 g
Carbohydrate, by difference311 g
Ash24 g
Fiber, total dietary31 g
Sugars, total41 g
Water1055 g

Calcium, Ca798 mg
Copper, Cu2.4 mg
Fluoride, F104 μg
Iron, Fe23 mg
Magnesium, Mg430 mg
Manganese, Mn7.2 mg
Phosphorus, P1466 mg
Potassium, K3801 mg
Selenium, Se185 μg
Sodium, Na4364 mg
Zinc, Zn13 mg

Amino Acids
Alanine3.9 g
Arginine4.4 g
Aspartic acid6.9 g
Cystine1.3 g
Glutamic acid19 g
Glycine3.6 g
Histidine2.1 g
Hydroxyproline0.12 g
Isoleucine3.6 g
Leucine6.2 g
Lysine4.8 g
Methionine1.7 g
Phenylalanine3.8 g
Proline6 g
Serine3.8 g
Threonine3.2 g
Tryptophan0.97 g
Tyrosine2.6 g
Valine4.2 g

Fructose9.9 g
Galactose0.2 g
Glucose (dextrose)9.3 g
Lactose0.37 g
Maltose3.3 g
Starch61 g
Sucrose8.9 g

Betaine42 mg
Carotene, alpha1927 μg
Carotene, beta8296 μg
Choline, total251 mg
Cryptoxanthin, beta88 μg
Dihydrophylloquinone1.6 μg
Folate, DFE653 μg_DFE
Folate, food392 μg
Folate, total548 μg
Folic acid157 μg
Lutein + zeaxanthin7002 μg
Lycopene18491 μg
Menaquinone-40.04 μg
Niacin26 mg
Pantothenic acid5.8 mg
Retinol274 μg
Riboflavin1.5 mg
Thiamin1.9 mg
Tocopherol, beta0.15 mg
Tocopherol, delta0.49 mg
Tocopherol, gamma4.4 mg
Vitamin A, IU16582 UI
Vitamin A, RAE1057 μg_RAE
Vitamin B-125.3 μg
Vitamin B-12, added0 μg
Vitamin B-62.3 mg
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid133 mg
Vitamin D200 UI
Vitamin D (D2 + D3)5 μg
Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol)0.04 μg
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)3.7 μg
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)14 mg
Vitamin E, added0 mg
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)336 μg
Beta-sitosterol26 mg
Campesterol12 mg
Cholesterol196 mg
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated38 g
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated16 g
Fatty acids, total saturated22 g
Fatty acids, total trans0.51 g
Fatty acids, total trans-monoenoic0.25 g
Fatty acids, total trans-polyenoic0.07 g
Phytosterols83 mg
Stigmasterol0 mg

Saturated Fats
10:0 Capric acid0.47 g
12:0 Lauric acid0.96 g
13:0 Tridecanoic acid0 g
14:0 Myristic acid2.1 g
15:0 Pentadecanoic acid0.03 g
16:0 Palmitic acid12 g
17:0 Margaric acid0.11 g
18:0 Stearic acid4.5 g
20:0 Arachidic acid0.16 g
22:0 Behenic acid0.05 g
24:0 Lignoceric acid0.01 g
4:0 Butyric acid0.53 g
6:0 Caproic acid0.32 g
8:0 Caprylic acid0.26 g

Monounsaturated Fats
14:1 Myristoleic acid0.04 g
15:1 Pentadecenoic acid0 g
16:1 Palmitoleic acid1 g
16:1 c0.16 g
16:1 t0 g
17:1 Heptadecenoic acid0.06 g
18:1 Oleic acid35 g
18:1 c6.1 g
18:1 t0.25 g
20:1 Gadoleic acid0.34 g
22:1 Erucic acid0.05 g
22:1 c0.02 g
22:1 t0 g
24:1 c Nervonic acid0.02 g

Polyunsaturated Fats
18:1-11t Vaccenic acid-
18:2 CLAs0.02 g
18:2 Linoleic acid13 g
18:2 Omega-6 c,c1.3 g
18:2 i0.02 g
18:2 t not further defined0.02 g
18:2 t,t-
18:3 Linolenic acid1.6 g
18:3 Omega-3 c,c,c Gamma-linolenic acid0.25 g
18:3 Omega-6 c,c,c Alpha-linolenic acid0 g
18:3i0.03 g
18:4 Stearidonic acid0.02 g
20:2 Omega-6 c,c Eicosadienoic acid0.01 g
20:3 Eicosatrienoic acid0.01 g
20:3 Omega-30 g
20:3 Omega-60 g
20:4 Arachidonic acid0.07 g
20:4 Omega-6-
20:5 Omega-3 Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)0.07 g
21:50 g
22:4 Adrenic acid0 g
22:5 Omega-3 Docosapentaenoic acid (DPA)0.02 g
22:6 Omega-3 Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)0.16 g

Adjusted Protein-
Alcohol, ethyl1.9 g
Caffeine0 mg
Theobromine0 mg

The ready menu can be downloaded as a file (615 Kb) and opened in the EasyMenu application (select "File" - "Open" - "Open menu"). After you have opened a menu, you can save all recipes it contains (in the "cookbook" tab select "menu" tab, which shows all recipes in the menu).